Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

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Dig out your sweaters and holiday decorations — summer is officially over. It’s ok, fall is a wonderful season! Although all good things come to an end, they make way for new good things!

Here’s some guidance to get your garden ready for winter:

  • Continue regular weekly lawn mowing as long as possible.
  • Clean up leaves as you go. Wet leaves left on your lawn are the perfect breeding ground for nasty snow mould.
  • Gradually lower the cutting height. A shorter cut at the end of the season helps keep insects and diseases from overwintering.
  • Fertilize lawns with a good quality low nitrogen, slow release fertilizer.

  • Aerate. Fall is a great time to help turf establish better roots. Without the use of chemicals, turf needs extra help to keep it thick and minimize weed population.
  • Overseed and apply organic compost — an amazing product. The holes formed from aerating will direct the seeds into the seed bed.
  • Cut back spent perennials and prune shrubs for a tidy garden over the winter. A clean garden discourages rodents from overwintering and reduces potential snow load damage to plants.
  • Remove fallen fruit and leaves. If you want to leave the leaves on your gardens, mulch them first. Mulching assists with breakdown of leaves. Just don’t leave them on your lawn…please!
  • Continue watering trees and shrubs until the ground is frozen, especially any newly planted.Spring flowers
  • Think Spring! Spend time visioning what your garden could be as spring arrives. Spring flowering bulbs can be planted right up until soil is frozen. Some of our favourite bulbs to plant include: Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses, and Hyacinths – Beautiful!!!!

Sound like a lot of work? It is.

Need help to get your garden ready for winter? Call or email.

We’re here to help.

Now, put on your walking shoes, grab the dog, take a nice walk, and enjoy the colours only autumn provides!

Green Thumb Landscaping has been caring for lawns and gardens for over 48 years. That’s 48 years to evolve the perfect fall cleanups. If you are looking to make your garden beautiful but have better things to do with your time, we can get everything done for you. You will be proud to say, “Green Thumb is my gardener”.

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