Property Maintenance


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Enhance Your Property with Professional Landscaping Service and Maintenance

Our dedicated team of skilled landscape professionals provide residential landscaping in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, and the surrounding area. We can transform, upgrade, and maintain your property to make it look its best.

Commercial landscaping

Commercial landscape management will impress your tenants, your customers, and the local community. Our experts will work with you to develop the right maintenance program for your property, from lawn cutting and weeding beds to snow removal and ice management.

“When I arrive home from work on Thursday evening, I smile because I know that Green Thumb has been on the job. The gardens and lawn look fantastic…clean, crisp, and meticulous. Their attention to detail demonstrates the pride that they have in their work. My reward is a worry-free weekend without the outdoor chores”

Peter Beresford

Making beautiful impressions every day!

Front door Landscaping

View our portfolio and get inspired to create the landscaping of your dreams.

Read all about landscaping and get expert advice on how to maintain your property.


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