Full-Service Lawn Maintenance and Care

Achieve the best-looking lawn on the block with hassle-free lawn maintenance services from Green Thumb.

Come home to a beautifully landscaped lawn. Our lawn and yard maintenance teams proudly serve Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, and the surrounding areas.

Our professional and friendly team takes pride in enhancing your lawn, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Since 1971, we have been creating beautiful and tranquil outdoor spaces with thick, lush lawns.

Looking for full service lawn maintenance?

Professional Lawn Maintenance Services

When you choose Green Thumb Landscaping for your lawn maintenance and care, your lawn will be nourished and maintained all year long. This includes regular lawn mowing, seeding, watering, cleanups, edging, and more. We know what your lawn needs. We’re here to make sure it thrives through every season.

Our lawn maintenance services give you back your weekends. You won’t have to spend Saturday mowing or clearing debris because we do it all for you. On a weekly basis, we will cut, trim, edge, sweep, water, and clean your lawn and hardscaping.

We plan our lawn maintenance services around your schedule. Arriving at the same time each week and never leaving a mess behind. 

Our landscaping company is completely licensed and insured, and many of our team members have been with us for over 20 years. When it comes to full-service lawn maintenance, you can’t beat the expertise of our team.

What Does Lawn Maintenance Include?

Our lawn maintenance services ensure you have a perfectly manicured lawn all year-long. Each season has different needs and demands, and we know how to tackle these challenges.

What does lawn maintenance include with Green Thumb Landscaping? During the warmer months, we cut, trim, edge, sweep, water, blow, and clean your lawn on a weekly basis. We arrive on the same day each week and leave it consistently beautiful.

Pruning will be ongoing. It will begin at the beginning of the season to cut out dead branches, until approximately late June when shrubs have flowered and put out spring growth. Further pruning will be done every other week to keep stray shoots in control.

We fertilize your lawn 4 times per season to replenish essential nutrients and help it grow strong and lush. At the beginning of the spring-summer season, we will overseed your lawn to combat thinning. This is especially important in heavily shaded areas.

Since pesticides have been banned in Ontario, we protect against grubs with an organic grub control solution. This non-toxic, all-organic solution is applied in late August to early September to prevent grabs from hibernating under your lawn over winter, causing an infestation in spring.

At Green Thumb, we know that no two lawns are completely alike. That’s why we customize every lawn maintenance schedule to your home’s unique needs. We have over 50 years of leaving an impression on homeowners just like you. Contact our team to start a quote today.

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