Property Maintenance Services

Our team will cultivate and maintain your beautiful landscaping for years to come.

Residential property maintenance for landscaping is offered in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, and the surrounding area. Our expert team will maintain your property at regular intervals to ensure it looks its best.

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Routine Property Maintenance

Keeping to a set schedule will ensure that your gardens and landscaping are kept neat, clean, and healthy.

Recommended Landscaping Services

We recommend the following landscaping services for property maintenance:

  • Garden beds: Weed, prune, and clean every two weeks.
  • Lawn and hardscape grooming: Weekly cut, trim, edge, sweep, blow, cleanup.
  • Weed control: Twice per season.
  • Grub control: Nematodes are an organic grub control solution, as pesticides have not been permitted in Ontario for the past 12 years. The application is normally done in late August to early September. Your application is timed through consultation with the Turf Grass Institute in Guelph to achieve optimal results.
  • Fertilizing: 4 times per season, with fertilizer appropriate for each application.
  • Overseeding: At the beginning of the season and then as needed, especially in shaded areas. We will overseed annually in heavy shaded areas.
  • Pruning: Pruning will be ongoing, starting at the beginning of the season to cut out dead branches, until approximately late June when shrubs have flowered and put out spring growth. Further pruning will be done every other week to keep stray shoots in control.
  • Debris cleanup: Ongoing debris cleanup as required.
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