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Design and Build Contractors

A meandering garden path is the perfect way to add interest and beauty to your landscape. From concept to completion, our team of landscaping designers and builders will bring your pathway to life.

Professional Patio Contractors

Simply amazing! I just love the transformation from bland to grand. The patio is a great addition, with lots of room to host a party or just hang out and admire my new garden.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Green Thumb Landscaping.
– Marion G


Green Thumb recently re-landscaped our front and back yards, including our pool area. From initial design to hardscape and plant choice, through to installation and final completion, they were amazing. I would highly recommend Green Thumb Landscaping.
– KB


They approached our backyard privacy hedge project with the utmost diligence, working through options till they landed on the right one, sourcing just the right trees, executing with excellence. Their maintenance service is also excellent.
– Polina S


Trusted Reputation

Since 1971, Green Thumb has been providing full-service landscaping and maintenance in Oakville, Burlington, and Mississauga.

Natural Stone Walkways

When it comes to choosing your walkway’s stones, we will meet with you to select the right stone for your project, taking into account both aesthetics and function.

  • Flagstone
  • Bluestone 
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • And more

Garden Walkways

Elevate all of your hard work and investment by creating a stunning garden walkway. Walkways will add structure and ambiance to your property, and help to guide friends, family, and even pets through your garden without ruining your grass, plants, or garden features.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stone paths are a great option if you’re looking for something a little bit more formal than a mulch or crushed stone path. This walkway design helps to maintain a natural aesthetic, allowing your yard to look more natural and inviting, while still providing a durable surface for walking.

Crushed Stone and Gravel Paths

For a larger property, a crushed stone path is both a low-maintenance and cost-effective option that provides a natural look and feel. Adding a crushed stone path through a wooded area or lush gardenscape creates an enchanting atmosphere, while also making your landscape more interactive. This type of path is also great for guiding guests from your home to a detached garage or down a trail, as well as creating driveways leading to boat launches by the water.

Mulch Path

Mulch paths share many of the same benefits as crushed stone paths. If you’re looking to navigate around your garden or backyard without getting muddy shoes, a mulch path is a perfect choice. Not only will it provide a firm, stable surface for walking, but it will also help keep your plants healthy by retaining moisture and preventing compaction.

Landscaping That Elevates Your Yard 

At Green Thumb, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers enjoy the beautiful yard they’ve always wanted. Whether it’s preventing weeds with fabric or edging around your garden beds, we will make sure that your landscaping looks clean and polished.

Maintenance Services

Not only will we build your stunning garden path, but we will also provide maintenance services to keep your property pristine. Our team offers regularly scheduled cleaning and can attend to other necessary garden details so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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