The Benefits of Seasonal Cleanup

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The benefits of a seasonal cleanup on your residential or commercial property are plentiful, and October is the perfect time of year to give your landscaping a little TLC.

Preparing your property for the upcoming winter season involves more than simply covering your barbeque and storing outdoor furniture. At Green Thumb Landscaping, we know that having some expert assistance in preparing your landscaping, gardens, and lawn will help your home or business look its best next spring and summer.

Here are a couple of key types of seasonal cleanup to consider:

Raking Leaves

Ah yes, raking leaves. In recent years, the leaves have fallen so late that many municipalities have already completed their collections when the last ones have fallen. Keep going! Don’t leave them on your lawn.

There are many good reasons to rake, including:

  • Uncovering your lawn
    • Raking the leaves off your lawn keeps your grass healthy and ready to grow next spring. If left on your lawn, you have the potential for mould and pests to invade over the winter months.
  • Providing mulch for your garden beds
    • Raked leaves provide an excellent natural mulch for your gardens beds over the winter season. Unlike your lawn, your gardens will appreciate the warm blanket of your leaves and the added nutrients as they decompose. Be sure to mulch your leaves before you pile them on the gardens (run through them with your lawn mower and shred them).
  • Preventing injury
    • Decomposing leaves are very slippery and can pose a hazard if they are left in, or near, areas where you walk or play.

Seeding & Overseeding Your Lawn

The best time to seed and overseed your lawn is in the fall when the ground and soil is still relatively warm and the air is cool. In October, there is still plenty of sunlight to help your seeds take hold before the snow flies.

There are many good reasons to seed and overseed your lawn, including:

  • Bring your tired lawn back to health
      • Seeding and overseeding will help to bring your old grass, worn-out, or stressed grass back to life. Our hot summers take a toll on your lawn, and adding seed and fertilizer will help to reinvigorate your landscape.
  • Improve the density of your lawn
    • Adding quality seeds to your lawn will help to thicken your grass and create a more lush, attractive lawn. Overseeding will help to bring a healthy green colour back into your landscaping.

Performing a seasonal cleanup is key to having a beautiful property, but doing it right can be time-consuming. Contact the experts at Green Thumb Landscaping. We’ll help make your landscaping look great now, and next season.

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