Benefits of Fertilizing your Lawn

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Benefits of Fertilizing your Lawn


It’s the time of year again when you may see Green Thumb’s fertilizing team come to fertilize your lawns and gardens! Not sure about fertilizer just yet? Here’s a few reasons to consider adding fertilizer to your Lawn Care schedule;  


Weed Reduction:

  • Fertilizer helps with preventing the growth of weeds by providing essential nutrients to the plants and soil. This causes the turf to grow stronger and thicker, making it harder for weeds to grow through.  


Fight Disease:

  • Just like we need vitamins to help us with growth and to fight off diseases, grass needs fertilizer to help fight off diseases and stay healthy against the elements. Some common diseases found in grass are brown patch, gray snow mold, powdery mildew, and fairy ring.  


Improved Growth:

  • Sometimes a lawn may have patches of more nutrients in the soil than in other areas. This causes the turf to grow unevenly. – thick and lush in one area, sparse in the other. Fertilizing helps to bring nutrients to the entirety of the lawn, allowing for even growthAn evenly spread product by our team of professionals means lush growth throughout!  


Protect Soil Properties:

  • Fertilization helps to enrich the soil. With enriched soil, the turf has more nutrients to help it grow, creating a stronger base. If the grass is stronger and fuller, it helps to prevent things such as soil run-off.   


Builds Resistance to Turf Pests:

  • Having stronger turf and nutrient rich soil helps to decrease the effects of pests and repair any damage that pests may have done to your turf in the past. The stronger the lawn, the harder it is for pests to penetrate into the soil and create lasting damage. Regular fertilizing will continue to help decrease these effects No one wants to see grubs! 


More Oxygen Production:

  • Just think, the more lush and green plants there are, the more oxygen is being produced. Same goes for turf – if there is more of it – the more oxygen it produces. Plants help with purifying the air and a healthy, lush lawn adds to that production! 



Hiring a company that is well equipped to take on your property, big or small, will help to ensure your lawn is getting the right amount of fertilizer and treatment that it needs.  

Interested in adding Fertilizer onto your list of services? Reach out to us for a quote either through our website or by calling the Green Thumb office! 

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