Winter Wonderland

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Once the cold weather sets in, winter isn’t far behind. The weather is changing. Embrace the beauty of autumn — enjoy every remaining outdoor moment but prepare for snow to fly.

Get Winter-Ready – Tips from a Professional

Here are a few tips to get prepared for a safe and cozy winter.

1. Snow Clearing

Are you a business owner who needs to make sure your staff and customers get to you safely? Snow clearing schedules book up quickly. Our policy is to never overbook our crews to ensure that we are always able to provide the best service possible.

Residential snow clearing is limited but available to our year round customers.

Need a snow clearing quotation? Call our office 905-335-0752 or send an email,

2. Evergreens

Evergreen plantings provide green colouring all year long. Don’t forget broadleaf evergreens and other deciduous plants with winter interest. Red Twig Dogwood, for example, is an oldie but a goodie.

3. Warm tones

Copper beech is a fabulous tree. The coppery, dry leaves hang on to the tree until the new buds push them off in the spring. I love the sound of the rustling and the contrasting colour of the copper in the garden.

4. Fences & Gazebos

High-quality fences and gazebos, with not so ordinary lattice, can be stunning all year round. Cedar or well-maintained painted fences  add beauty, just by its presence.

5. Lighting

Extend your holiday decorating into your backyard. Strategically placed twinkle lights and spot lights brighten up your space bringing new life to your garden…even while it sleeps!

6. Art

Bronze sculptures and other select art pieces can be left out year round. Let your personality reflect the pieces you choose.

7. Sauna

If you have a small corner in your yard that isn’t being occupied, consider a barrel or chalet-style sauna. The health benefits are fantastic, it will encourage you to get outside, and will add an element to your garden.  Dress up the area with plantings and flagstone. Add a little Scandinavia to your garden!

While some of us love winter, many cringe at the thought. Don’t let the cold and snowy weather get you down. You can still love your garden even when it is covered in six inches of snow. Be creative.  Enjoy your garden all year long.

If you need anything, give Green Thumb Landscaping a call — we’re here to help.

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