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Summer is here and our event calendars are filling up quickly. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy weekends at the cottage, family BBQ’s, weddings, and your backyard. Be sure to take some “you time” — sit, relax, and find your happy place.

If your happy place isn’t in your backyard, then it’s time to think about what’s missing. What would make your backyard the best place for you to relax, entertain, and enjoy what you like to do best?

Landscape Design Questions

During the summer, think about what elements of your garden and landscape you love – hold onto those. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you love your friend’s backyard because it is so colourful?
  • Do you love evenings by the fire at the cottage? Consider what cottage landscape elements you can create at home.
  • Did you see something in a magazine that you would like to incorporate at your home?

Keep notes with your answers to these questions. These notes will be a wonderful guide to help your landscaper create the perfect space for you.

Landscape Renovation Tips

Here are a few key tips to keep in mind when considering a landscape renovation project at your home:

  • July and August is the perfect time to get through the design and planning phase. Getting the planning completed in the summer months means that we can be ready to create your space in the fall.
  • Some projects require permits. Speak with us about your vision for your new gardens and landscape, and then get your permit requests in over the summer. You don’t want to be held up due to paperwork when you are ready to break ground in the fall. Don’t worry though, we will guide you every step of the way!
  • Cooler fall temperatures are perfect for planting and, by next spring, instead of waiting for a project to start, you’ll be out enjoying your garden.  
  • Enjoy your summer plans and activities and leave the construction work to the cooler fall season when you aren’t outside as often.
  • Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and renovating your garden will take some time.

Your personal enjoyment is the main reason to renovate and redesign your landscaping, but the icing on the cake is the increase in the value of  your home — that’s a nice bonus.

Helping homeowners realize their garden’s potential, and then create and professionally maintain it, so you can enjoy it every day, is what Green Thumb Landscaping has been doing for 47 years.

Our calendar is extremely full, but meeting with you to discuss your garden dreams before the project gets started next fall is important. Contact us today and let us create your happy place for you!

Have a great summer!

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