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Planning a landscaping project at your home is a big undertaking and we understand how much work goes into getting everything you want brought to life. At Green Thumb Landscaping, we take a personalized approach to ensuring that your landscaping will work for your space, your lifestyle, and your taste. The key to getting a great finished product is ensuring that you follow a few important steps.

The Green Thumb Landscaping process has a few key components that, in our experience, make all the difference:

  1. We will arrange a convenient time to meet with you at your home to discuss your landscaping vision.
  2. We will request that we meet in a room of your home that overlooks your gardens and property so that we can get a view from the inside looking out. The changes you will make to your landscape will impact your view from the inside, so that is an important factor to take into consideration.
  3. We will ask you questions about your entertaining needs and desires, and your lifestyle — you want to ensure that the changes you will be making will positively impact your home and routine.
  4. We will walk the grounds of your property to fully examine the existing landscaping and elements of the property, and we will discuss possibilities.
  5. Lastly, we will work with you to determine a plan that will work for your life.

Before & After: New Home Construction Landscaping

Most new home construction doesn’t include landscaping — or if it does, it’s utilitarian and bare bones. Previously-owned homes also require revitalization when landscaping is either removed or damaged during renovation and construction. We understand that homeowners want their homes to look beautiful on the inside and the outside.

Here are some inspiring examples of the difference that hiring a professional landscaper can make to your property.

Before & After: Front Yard & Entrance

Before & After- Green Thumb Landscaping

Our team was excited to take on the nearly blank slate of our client’s new home. The Dahmen’s were looking to make their front yard charming and inviting.

Not wanting to be the same as their neighbours, they were focused on adding a mix of perennials and annuals to give their front space warmth, depth, and shape.

Adding curved and mulched garden beds allowed for the framing of a custom designed stone pathway. These elements helped to create a comfortable flow from their laneway to their front door — and the the winding path added charm and character.

The finishing touches of hedges, shrubs, and a new lawn allowed this property to go from bland to beautiful.

Before & After: Privacy Landscaping

Before & After 2- Green Thumb Landscaping

The Vasic’s had a lovely corner yard but, as new home construction encroached on their home, they wanted to increase their level of privacy.

After exploring their property, their goals, and their landscaping preferences, we determined that installing privacy fencing and a coordinated mix of shrubs and perennials would the best choice to accomplish their goals.

We designed a privacy landscaping plan that incorporated the addition of a variety of plants and shrubs that featured different types of foliage and colours throughout the year. This also added visual interest to the homeowners as they enjoyed the view from inside their home.

Whatever your landscaping project, the expert team at Green Thumb Landscaping can help you achieve the before & after of your dreams. Contact us to get your project started.

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