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We’ve finally broken out of the cold, and the tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils are starting to show real signs of promise that spring is here. Thank goodness for that!

If you you’ve gotten your property under control — raked the winter debris from the lawns and gardens, completed the garden edging, and finished the pruning — then you are ready for the next step!

What’s next? The first cut of your lawn!

Lawn Mowing Tips

There is nothing that shows off a well-kept property better than fresh, straight lines on a perfectly manicured lawn — it is a truly beautiful thing. Here are a few pointers on how to make your lawns spectacular.

Make sure your lawn mower is ready for the season by having:

    • The blades sharpened
    • The spark plugs checked
    • Dirt & debris removed from under the mower
    • The gas and oil levels filled

Remember the one third rule:

  • Do not remove more than one third of the grass blades at a time. Ideally, the newly cut length should be approximately 3 inches in height.
  • Lawns left with higher blades of grass will better tolerate stress. The roots below the soil will be stronger, fewer weeds will find a place in your lawn to call home, and less watering will be required.
  • If you wish to have shorter grass, do it gradually and cut more frequently when you reach the height you wish to maintain. Shorter grass requires much more maintenance and dedication.
  • Be sure to walk in straight lines with your wheels overlapping to avoid streaks or “windrows”.
  • Remember to mulch short clippings in order to help put nutrients back into the soil.

Once the lawns have been cut properly, trim the edges around garden beds and trees very carefully. Many people, for whatever reason, trim far too close to the ground and even “burn” the edges, but that just looks awful. My late husband always trained our staff with this advice:

“A good trimming job looks like you haven’t trimmed.”

I have heard people say, “anyone can cut a lawn”. I completely disagree. Yes, most people can get the job done, but it takes years of practice to perfect the art.

Happy mowing,

If you are looking for a truly professional company to manicure your lawn and gardens, you’ve come to the right place. At Green Thumb Landscaping, we build and maintain great gardens. We’ve had dirty fingernails since 1971!

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