How To Achieve Your Dream Garden

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You have a lovely home. Why not add to its beauty by upgrading your landscaping and gardens?

The question is: How do you achieve your dream garden?

We recommend that you leave the complicated planning, coordinating, planting, and maintaining to the experts — but to get you started, here are some tips on what to think about when planning your dream garden.

Share the Same Dream

Before you begin researching, walking the neighbourhood, and getting inspired by Oprah’s latest gardening adventures, we highly recommend that you make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. For example, if you love red and your other half hates red, you might need to have a conversation.

Discussion points could include:

  • How do you intend to use your outdoor space?
  • Will you use the space differently once the landscaping is complete?
  • What would you like to see changed?
  • What would you like to remain the same?
  • What colours do you prefer?
  • Do you prefer more flowers or more greenery?
  • Would you like more, or less, shade than you currently have?
  • Are you thinking of adding any hardscape elements (e.g. benches, arbours, paths, etc.)?

Whatever your ideas, be sure to make them clear to each other before sharing them with a professional — you want to share the same vision for your dream garden.

Plant Colours & Sizes

There are many landscaping considerations to keep in mind, but the colour and size of your plants is vital. You will likely want some expert advice on this, but it is important that you include colours that you like and that work well together.

Flowering plants and plants that change colour throughout the season, will look beautiful at different times — you will want to be sure that your plants are exhibiting these lovely colours at different times in the year. It would be a shame to have all your flowering plants produce flowers in late June and then have a barren garden in July and August.

Next, size is an important factor. You don’t want to plant lovely flowering plants where they won’t be seen, ground cover where it will be overtaken, or plants that grow to be to large for their surroundings. Coordinating the placement of your plants is of the utmost importance when looking to achieve a dream garden that will look beautiful for years to come.

A skilled landscaper will design a garden and perform landscaping that will:

  • Showcase colours you prefer.
  • Incorporate different kinds of plants flowering at different times throughout the growing season.
  • Coordinate plants that work well together and won’t take over your garden.
  • Facilitate the growth of plants to fill a particular area of your garden without getting in the way.
  • Place plants where they will receive their optimal requirements (sun/shade/water/).

Designing and developing a dream garden is possible with the right approach and the right skills. We recommend reaching out to the professionals to get the job done right.

You work with a real estate agent to help you buy your dream home and we believe it’s best to work with a landscaper to design and maintain your dream garden. Contact Green Thumb Landscaping today — we’ll bring your dreams to life.

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