Luxury Front Yard Landscaping

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Your home is your oasis, your sanctuary, your special place to spend quality time with family and friends. Your front yard is what people see first. It informs people about you and your lifestyle. For your home to exude luxury and style, you need routine professional maintenance and expert care.

Here are a few ways that you can enhance your landscape and bring a luxurious look and feel to your home:

Enhance Your Walkways

Examine the pathways that lead from your front door to your driveway, from your driveway to your sidewalk, and any other entry points to your home.

How wide are the pathways? Are they narrow? Are they curvy? A narrow, winding pathway is cute, but it doesn’t say luxury. Wide pathways and entrances provide a warm welcome to your home.  

Incorporate Hardscape Elements

Plan to add hardscaping elements like retaining walls, knee walls, stone pavers, concrete pavers, natural stones, and more.

Hardscaping in your front yard will instantly create a luxurious look. Whether it’s a knee wall of natural stone that borders your walkway from the driveway to the front door, or custom-built pillars with urns, hardscaping can be stunning and add that extra level of luxury that your landscaping has been missing.

Add Classic Plants

Planting rows of boxwoods has versatility not rivaled by many other plants. Boxwoods can be pruned and shaped into neat lines, circles, or ornamental shapes for a classic look, or you can allow the plants to become loose, “fluffy”, and gently trimmed to provide a beautiful, soft border to your landscape.

Ornamental grasses in appropriate colours is another excellent way to add visual interest to your front yard and will exude a luxurious look as they blow in the breeze. Keep in mind the overall look you are attempting to create. Is it formal, controlled, or loose and carefree? The myth that the wild “English garden” style is maintenance free is just that…a myth. Controlling growth to attain that look requires a lot of maintenance.

Organize Seating Areas

A comfortable and welcoming seating area in your front entrance is one of those “very nice to have” options. This is where adding a knee wall and beautiful stone hardscape comes in nicely.  Your knee wall (a wall that is about the height of your knee, built at the outer border of your front entrance) will provide you with a nicely secluded seating area. From welcoming a passing neighbour to saying goodbye to parting friends, this is one area you will enjoy time and again.  

Arrange Professional, Expert Maintenance

Having a luxurious front landscape is something that requires professional attention. It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade your grounds, but without regular, professional attention, they will quickly lose their appeal. Ensure that you have a trusted, expert landscaper making routine visits to your home to maintain the look that you want.

Feeling inspired? Contact the team at Green Thumb Landscaping. We’ll help you achieve and maintain a luxurious front yard for years to come.

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