What Kind of Tree Should I Plant?

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
―  Chinese proverb

At Green Thumb Landscaping, we know that every homeowner appreciates an expertly put together landscape, incorporating a variety of plants and hardscapes. Trees are an integral element of any property or estate.

The top question we hear about trees is: What kind of tree should I plant?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. Some properties have room to plant a variety of species of trees, and others only have room for one. There are important aspects to consider when selecting a tree for your grounds.

Tree Planting Considerations

Here are some important considerations that will help you determine which tree will work best for your property:

Why do you want to plant a tree?

Trees are beautiful and will add enjoyment and value to your home, but is there another purpose to your planting? Ask yourself:

  • Are you looking to create visual interest?
  • Do you want to see changing colours in the fall?
  • Do you prefer an evergreen?
  • Are you hoping to create shade?
  • Do you want to enhance your privacy?
  • Are you concerned about mess (e.g. pine cones, nuts, or leaves)?

What sort of growth pattern or shape do you like?

Every tree has a unique way of growing. Some will grow tall and thin, others become quite wide, and some trees will become enormous over time. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want your tree to grow quickly?
  • How much space do you want your tree to take up?
  • Are you interested in shaping your tree into an ornamental design?
  • Do you prefer a tree with a natural shape?
  • Do you want your trees to form a hedge, like a cedar?
  • If you have perennials that require sun, will the tree shade the area?

Tree Planting Suggestions

While everyone has their own favourite trees, here are a few trees that make lovely additions to landscaping:

Sugar Maple Tree

Sugar Maples are beautiful and hardy trees that grow really well in Ontario. They provide a large canopy, stunning changing colours in the fall, and sap for maple syrup!

Silver Maple Tree

Silver Maples are another lovely and hardy tree that feature a silver coloured bark. These trees grow faster than the Sugar Maples, but they will become quite large in time and can grow up to 35 metres in height!

Blue Beech Tree (American Hornbeam)

Blue Beech trees, unlike their Beech counterpart, grow on a smaller scale. They are very attractive shade trees that grow well amongst Cherry, Maple, Oak, and other similar trees.

White Oak Tree

If you’re not concerned about growing time, White Oaks are a fantastic choice for your grounds. These slow-growing trees provide excellent foliage and deep shade, making it a great choice in the hot summer months.

Ornamental Pear Tree

Ornamental Pear trees are simply lovely. They are non-fruit bearing but provide pretty flowers and attractive foliage. The Chanticleer grows in a pyramid shape which will add very pleasing visual interest to your grounds.

There are so many other wonderful trees to plant, like Japanese Maples, Cedars, and Magnolias — it’s hard to choose just one!

Planting a tree on your property is a wonderful idea but requires some serious forethought as it is a long-term commitment. For expert advice and planting, contact Green Thumb Landscaping today.

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