Planning Your Spring Garden

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My daughter turned to me the other day when she was looking out at the gardens covered with snow,“Why is February so awful?” she asked,  I really couldn’t give an answer other than, “This is Canada”.

I don’t think there is anywhere quite like Canada. We are so lucky to be protected from the terribly harsh things that happen in other parts of the world. That’s good to remember —  always be thankful.

Canada is full of beautiful landscapes, and your garden is no exception. February is an excellent time to plan out how to make your yard and garden even better than last year. Before you know it, there will be crocuses, tulips, and hyacinths popping up to remind you that it’s time to get your gardens ready.

Spring Garden Prep Step 1

The first thing to do when the snow melts is to rake your lawn areas to dethatch (thatch is that matted, somewhat loose, brown, lifeless, grass).  Use a flexible rake or mechanical dethatcher. Dethatching helps to keep insect damage to a minimum, allows sun and warmth to penetrate and allows for better uptake of fertilizers and water for healthy grass.

Spring Garden Prep Step 2

Next, aerate your lawn to reduce compaction. It’s impossible to grow strong, healthy, grass in a compacted base. Allowing oxygen into the top level of the soil will help the roots grow stronger, will improve drainage issues, and will help with water and fertilizer uptake.

Spring Garden Prep Step 3

Overseeding or slit seeding is a must. Time your seeding so it is done just after aerating as this will help to successfully plant the seeds. Overseeding each year will keep lawns thicker,  which is ultimately one of your best defences against the weed battle, without the use of chemicals.

Spring Garden Prep Step 4

Clean up and straighten the edges of your lawns at the sidewalk, driveway, curb, and along garden edges. Shovelling snow takes its toll on the edges that were perfectly manicured last year. Sweep and blow hard surfaces to remove old ice-melter products and winter debris.

Now is the time to remove burlap and winter protection from cedars and delicate trees and shrubs to allow the sun to help wake them up from winter. Don’t forget to remove the soil from the bases of rose bushes if your roses were heeled in.

Take a walk around your garden. Enjoy your beautiful, colourful bulbs that you planted last fall. Snap a few pictures so you will be able to see where to plant more spring flowering bulbs when fall comes this year.

Spring Garden Prep Step 6

Check in on your perennials.  Have they become too large?  Perennials benefit from dividing.  Move some of the cuttings to another part of your garden.  They are a free gift from Mother Nature!  Examine shrubs for deadwood and broken branches, and prune those out. Prune fruit trees before buds break if it hasn’t been done already. Tidy up loose leaves and debris from garden areas in and around shrubs.

Following these steps will help you get your lawns and gardens headed in the right direction.

If you’re looking to make your garden beautiful, but don’t have the time or inclination, contact the experts at Green Thumb Landscaping and we’ll get everything done for you.

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