2019 New Year’s Resolution: Maintain Your Landscaping

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As 2018 winds down and we begin to think about the new year, many of us will make New Year’s resolutions. Instead of making the usual, “I will start exercising” resolution, we suggest choosing a resolution that we can help you stick to: maintaining your landscaping.

At Green Thumb Landscaping, we know that your home’s landscaping is an investment worth looking after — and our team is resolved to help you keep it beautiful.

Here are our top three reasons to set up routine maintenance for your landscaping:

1. Keep your plants growing properly.

  • Your trees, shrubs, and perennials require regular attention in order to grow correctly.
  • Regular trimming, pruning, and clipping is necessary to ensuring that your flowers keep flowering, your plants don’t get leggy, and your trees and shrubs are properly shaped so they can stay healthy and strong.
  • It’s critical that trees and shrubs are professionally cared for in order to avoid irregular growth, reduced foliage, and weak branches.
  • If your plants were improperly pruned in the past, only an expert will be able to correct the mistakes over time.

2. Stay ahead of problems.

  • Regular maintenance will help your landscape look its best and keep problems with weeds, bugs, and other pests at bay.
  • It’s amazing how quickly a garden can become overgrown or infested with unwanted creatures if it’s not attended to on a regular basis.
  • If plants need help, action can be taken and problems can be solved. If you notice an infestation of pests, moulds, or other damage, an expert will know how to fix the problem.
  • Regular care will help to protect your plants and keep them healthy.

3. Shorten your to-do list.

  • We all know that our to-do lists are much too long and there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done.
  • Letting experts look after your landscaping will give you the peace of mind to know that your investment is being looked after.
  • Knowing that your property is being maintained and will look its best is a wonderful feeling — and you can relax and enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous yard.

If you’re considering starting a relationship with a landscaping maintenance company, make sure they are asking you the right questions. You want them to know what’s important to you, how you use your outdoor space, and what sort of lifestyle you want to exude. It’s important that they understand your needs so you can trust that the routine maintenance is in line with your expectations.

At Green Thumb, we’ll take the time to come and meet with you at your home so we can properly assess your needs, examine your landscaping, and determine the best routine maintenance to fit your lifestyle.

In 2019, resolve to have better landscaping — we’ll help you achieve this goal.

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