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    Kathy Thomas

    Dirty finger nails since 1971…that’s me! Our customers are our most important priority. Understanding your gardening requirements, giving you the best possible attention, resulting in your experiencing the enjoyment of your beautifully-landscaped and maintained gardens is truly our pleasure.

    My late husband John Thomas and I started our company after John graduated from university. John’s passion for gardening, landscape improvements, and exemplary customer service was our foundation. Growing up a farm girl, I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I learned horticulture by osmosis!

    In 1993, John passed away suddenly. Our company was well-positioned to continue our growth. With both our related family and our extended employee family growing, our excellent reputation has proven the test of time.

    We’ve been as long now without John as we were with him. Our company continues to evolve, learn, and thrive. Our commitment to customers never falters. You are #1.

    See for yourself how our service excellence will give you the garden peace of mind you are looking for…landscapes that leave a lasting impression.

    To contact Kathy: kathy@greenthumb.ca

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