2020: The Year To Save The Planet

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Happy New Year! We wish you the very best and we hope that 2020 will be a year of positivity and success.

We feel very fortunate to live in Canada and our hearts and thoughts go to those dealing with the devastating fires in Australia. Climate change is taking its toll on our beloved planet and we believe that we all have an important role to play in correcting the problem. 

As landscapers, we are keen to learn, do our part, help heal the environment, and save the planet. Let’s all commit to do our part to keep ourselves, our children, and the earth’s creatures happy and healthy.

What can you do to help with climate change?

Sustainable world concept

  1. Be mindful
    Buy only the food you are going to use and use them wisely.
  2. Walk, don’t drive whenever possible 
    It’s better for your health and the environment — and it also fits nicely in with those New Year’s Resolutions….
  3. Recycle 
    How about repurposing too? Think outside the box, so to speak. Repurposing your recyclables is another option.
  4. Donate
    Clean out your closets and give!
  5. Buy new clothes when needed
    You may not really need 11 red sweaters!
  6. Think natural light
    Install skylights to shed light on dark areas of your home. Natural light boosts mood and it’s free. Turn off the light switch.
  7. Plant trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses
    Your property will look better and you will be improving the air quality and food sources for our wildlife. Everybody wins.
    We’re here to help you in your efforts.
  8. Use natural cleaners whenever possible
    Natural ingredients will biodegrade in a way that won’t harm our water.
  9. Use reusable items instead of disposable
    If you have clothes that are too worn out to donate, turn them into rags for cleaning.

Every bit counts. Thank you for doing your part.

Your Photos Wanted!

Woman taking a photo with a still camera

A friendly reminder to our wonderful customers:

We are still looking for photos of your landscapes and beautiful gardens. If you have any you would like to share, please send them to officeadmin@greenthumb.ca.

We will be drawing for gift certificates for some delicious dining at the Keg.

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